Speed Week events are held under USAC regulations.

REGISTRATION Register online at Registration for the All Race Pass and Athens closes on Month Time. Registration for Grant Park closes on Month Time and Spartanburg on Month Time. Registration for [Hilton Head] and [Savannah] Walterboro closes on Month Time, and Spin the District on Month Time.
PRO TEAM LIMIT There is a rider limit of 6 per team.
SIGN-IN Riders must check-in at registration each day and sign a new waiver, as each event is permitted through USA Cycling separately.
TRANSPONDERS Each PRO rider will be assigned a transponder. A credit card will be required as a form of collateral. Unreturned transponders will incur a $100 fee. Keep this transponder for every race and only turn in when you are no longer racing Speed Week.
BIB NUMBERS You will be given two bib numbers. You must wear both. Make sure to wear them "crit" style on the left and the right. KeepĀ  your bib numbers through the entire week!
CALL-UPS Top 10 and jersey leaders will be called up each day, plus additional racers at the discretion of the race director. Call-Ups will stage in the VIP Area across from the stage. Athens call-ups will follow USA CRITS protocol.
PODIUMS Amateur podiums will happen after the 15 minute protest period has expired. Pro Women's and Men's podiums will be held after the men's race each day and will present ro the top 3 in the race finish. A final podium will be held after College Park and include:
Race Podium -- Top 3
Overall Lap Leader -- Leader only, based on cumulative laps led
Overall Best Young Rider - Leader only
Overall Points Leader - Top 3, based on cumulative points
Team -- Top 3
All awards will be cumulative starting in Spartanburg and ending in College Park. Team awards are determined by the sum of the top 4 riders' points from each race. All overall awards are open to call racers.
Athens podiums will follow USA CRITS protocol.
MEDICAL CONTROL Speed Week is subject to USADA Anti-Doping Examination. All competitors and team personnel must abide by these regulations. Any rider found positive will forfeit all prizes won at the event.
The list of riders required to report will be posted at the start/finish stage. The riders will be required to report to medical control immediately after the awards and protocol ceremonies. We ask that you attend the awards ceremony before going to control. It is the responsibility of the rider and/or their team personnel to ensure that they report to Anti-Doping within the required time.
TIE BREAKER In the event of a tie in any of the 3 points competitions (Overall, Lap, Best Young Rider), the method of breaking the tie is as follows:
o Most amount of 1 st place finishes
o Most amount of 2 nd place finishes
o Most amount of 3 rd place finishes
o The finish order in the final event
PRIZE MONEY Prize money can be collected Sunday after College Park or prize money will be mailed to the address attached to registration. Amateur prize money may be collected after each race once the protest period has expired.